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Carlingford Childcare

Carlingford, NSW

Services: Landscape Concept Design


Current Stage:DA

Year of Implementation:2019

Outdoor free play gives kids many valuable benefits, including the development of physical, emotional, social and cognitive skills.

To ensure necessary outdoor play space required for children’s activity, the building is composed of three tiers with different playgrounds. This childcare thoughtfully considers the needs of children at 2-6 years old?. The design of playgrounds are benchmarked against the needs of children at 2-6 years old?, and distinguish between those for children at 1-2 ,3-4?and those for children at 5-6?. Each playground is in continuity with the interior spaces and is identified by the unique landscape elements.

The central idea is to remould the traditional play areas and introduce a dynamic mix of hard and soft surfaces, trees, natural vegetation, and specially designed play structures to create an open and flexible space for kids. The beach sandpit is landscaped with boulders and untreated timber and has a rainwater tank planter. The playground climbing structures, sand pits and early years’ play areas in a new outdoor learning environment that provides multi-sensory stimulation for all ages.

The landscaping of the playgrounds has been carefully designed to include trees and shrubbery that is low maintenance, provides seasonal variety throughout the year. The planting has been carefully planned to counteract air and noise pollution from the surrounding streets.

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