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Toongabbie Childcare

Toongabbie, NSW

Services:Landscape Concept Design


Current Stage:DA

Year of Implementation:2019

Freedom and unconstrained, interactive multi-sharing is the basic entry point for this childcare design.

The site takes advantage of the height difference to create a fun micro-topography space, high and low, ups and downs, and rich spatial changes. Considering that water, sand and stone are the natural elements that children like most, a sand pool and a climbing wall were designed in the playground.

Moreover, the raised mulch area, tree log and stumps, the timber steps, timber decking, and artificial grass land carries activities and rest for children of different ages. The plantings have been carefully defined and selected between the local flora, in order to compose a comforting vegetal backdrop for all the common spaces. The entire area is enclosed by trees, shrubs, and groundcovers.

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