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Shihong Ling

Senior Landscape Architect
Landscape Design Support


As one of the core founding team member, and project lead landscape architect at Turenscape, Shihong has developed his specialty in ecological urban landscape design over 16 years of practice with Turenscape, and a total of 25 years professional experience as a Landscape Architect. Shihong is recognised as an ecological landscape architect, urbanist, and urban planner, during his career with Turenscape in Beijing. 

He specialises in establishing ecological landscape architecture design to comprehensively solve ecological and environmental problems. In addition, he explores ecological landscape design methods for urban flooding control and stormwater management to establish green ‘sponge’ city and water sensitive urban design with strong resilience to environemental factors.

His has had world-wide experience on landscape architecture, with solid knowledge and experience on project delivery and implementation. He has won the Honor Award of American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) for six times, with international reputation of modernity and distinctive culturalistice characteristices,   spirit of ecology, and humanity.

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