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Kate Gong

Kate Gong

Co-Founder | Director of Landscape Architecture
Registered Landscape Architect (AILA) 
B.LArch | M.LU (AA)

Having been practicing as a landscape architect for over 10 years, Kate has worked on a diverse range of projects, including commercial, residential, civic spaces and institutional landscape. Kate is experienced in coordinating and designing large scale projects including major subdivisions and road networks, landscape strategy development on urban scale, and landscape design for special needs.

As a landscape architect who has lived, studied, and worked over 4 countries for more than 15 years, Kate is fascinated by the diversity of people and places, and amazed to discover the impact of successful landscape design on people’s quality of life. 

Kate excels in innovative conceptual design that respects culture, reflects local identity, specific to site, and sensitive to environment. Her experience of running and assisting with council led projects locally in Sydney has gained her exceptional experience as lead design consultant in the public sector, with in depth understanding of legal / statutory requirements, and skills of consultant and documentation management. 

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