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Greystanes Childcare

Greystanes, NSW

Services:Landscape Concept Design


Current Stage:DA

Year of Implementation:2019

This is a happy and artistic space—a space for all kids. Kids love it and that’s what’s important.

The design breaks something regular, to build an interesting outdoor space for exploration. The inspiration comes from the “secret base” children’s imagination during their childhood, which is like the structure of ant’s underground nest, connecting small spaces with paths and full of fun.

The design starts from the spatial experience and makes a brand-new arrangement of the moving lines. Through the activity space is expanded from the building to a more open space, so that the children can keep gaining surprises and stimulate their curiosity and creativity while traveling.

Kids prefer a lively and diverse spatial form, the design does not directly use symbolic children’s element. Instead, it injects many informal communication spaces such as softfall climbing corridors, timber seating platforms, and timber tiered seating, so that children can walk, sport, play, meet, and experience with more friends.

The undulating softfall embankment with climbing grips, slids, nets, and natural play under existing trees with mulched areas, native shrubs, cubby house, tree logs create a fun and open space, providing a venue for all kinds of open and exploratory teaching, allowing children to start the journey of discovering the nature and perceiving the world in a free and inclusive atmosphere.

95-97 Dahlia Street, Greystanes_Section
95-97 Dahlia Street, Greystanes_Section.
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