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Ruby Apartment

Turrumurra, NSW

Services: Landscape Concept Design

Size: 611m²

Construction value: $5.2M

Current Stage: DA

Year of Implementation: 2017

Ruby Turramurra is situated in an ideal location right next to Turramurra central district, tucked behind the highway with great corner aspect and easy access to supermarket.

The site is challenging in its physical nature, being a small land parcel and level change across the two streets. Moreover, the site is required to accommodate both retail on ground floor and residential units on upper level. This mixed-use programme adds another level of complexity to the design.

The strategies are to give the new definition and artistic approach to ordinary landscape elements. We utilize the uneven contour around the corner to create an interesting narrative path and addressing the corner in a way that it opens to both streets while maintain a good architectural character. These landscape elements here are perceived not only as the demarcation line but also an art form which wrapping around the project.

The design of this project has proven the possibility in creating such a unique and artistic space which people can live and be inspired within the limitation of the small but rather beautiful urban nest.

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