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We are an energetic, passionate, and accomplished team of landscape architects, architects, and urban designers with over 65 years of combined industry experience across a large range of project typologies. 

With our shared vision, value, and design languages, the team has evolved profound collaborative and passionate design culture with our diverse knowledge base and world-wide project experience. 

At Studio IZ, we are committed to provide exceptional design that creates great places to be shared by people, plants, and animals.

We believe in innovative, and respectful designs that develops in time, as a process to constantly change, adaptevolve, and enhances all aspects of our living environments.

Vision & Approach


Our multi-disciplinary design capability offers tailored service packages to suit specific project needs and conditions.

We pursue design excellence that acknowledge the entire life-cycle of the project, and outperform both client and community expectations.

Selected Landscape Projects

Landscape Concept Design

A nature inspired outdoor play space for a narrow site with limited spaces. The design is carried out to carefully maintain existing topography around the site boundary to minimise disturbance to existing trees. Natural elements such as timber logs, rocks, dry creek, dunes are carefully integrated under canopies for an inquisitive, self-led learning experience.

Play Space Landscape

Early Learning Centre 158

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